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My Dear Parishioners and Friends of Holy Family Catholic Community,

As we pick up the pieces from Hurricane Irma and look forward to the end of the Hurricane Season, (which by the way, opens up to the Holiday Season), we are reminded of what is truly more important in or lives.

The situations in this world can be rather frightening.  The problems and fears that are present with irrational religious groups and atheistic societies, as well as the political instability from countries who hate the United States for numerous reasons, can discourage us and often pull us away from the trust we place in the Mercy of God.  You see fear can overcome us in many ways and pull us away from our true belief, that “nothing can overcome us when we place that trust in Jesus our Savior”.

What our community has just experienced can be seen as an opportunity to open our hearts and minds to what is truly more important in our lives.  Not the things we may have.  Not the possessions and not even some of our feelings, but how we give like Christ.  How we see Christ’s life as an example of trusting in God’s love.  This is how we as a community place ourselves before Christ and are nourished by His presence.  When we fear and do not see the love of the God who created us, we as Catholics are called to come to His altar to remind ourselves of that love.  We taste the Body of Christ so that we may experience who He is and What He has done for us. This is what St. Paul realizes when he tells us that we have nothing to fear if we are in Christ.

This coming Advent, the Diocese of Orlando will initiate a yearlong celebration, of 50 Years as a Diocese.  Fifty years ago the Archdiocese of Miami and The Diocese of St. Augustine, which composed the whole of Florida, were separated into several additional Dioceses, one of which was Orlando.  This coming year throughout the Diocese we will look at the importance of our Faith in action and focus our attention on the Celebration of the Eucharist.  It is this celebration that makes us strong in our Catholic Faith.  It is the Eucharist that strengthens us in our resolve to follow Christ, to live in His care, to share His love and to lead others to Him.  It is the Eucharist that calms our fears, because this is where He nourishes us and helps us focus:  “that He is all we need”.  Sadly, in our day and age the importance of this celebration is being more and more looked over, as unimportant.  Could this be the reason that fear today seems to permeate our lives?

Please, as the 50th Anniversary year approaches, take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about and participate in the daily or at least weekly Celebration of the Eucharist that can truly be “Our Salvation”!


Sincerely Yours in Christ,


Very Rev. John C. Giel, V.G.,


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