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Blessing Cup / Vocations

The Blessing Cup Ministry focuses on the great need for more Priests and Religious Vocations. Since the Priesthood was established on Thursday, the ministry has set aside Thursday as a special day of prayer for vocations in the Adoration Chapel and in the daily Masses. The “Blessing Cup” is a cup that is given to a different family each week at one of the Masses. In signing up to take the cup, the family agrees to pray everyday of that week for religious vocations. At the end of the week, the cup is returned and another family comes forward to take the cup and with it the responsibility for daily prayer. There are no meetings to attend and the ministry is open to all.

The Blessing Cup Ministry is a year round ministry that welcomes anyone in the parish who is willing to set aside some time to pray for an increase in religious vocations. The lovely cup serves as a beautiful focal point for family prayer and even the youngest members of the family can join in. The need is great and the task so simple. If you are feeling called to discern a vocation, please contact the parish office (407) 876-2211 for specific guidance and resources.



Jim Cushing • (407)936-8252 • jcushing3@cfl.rr.com