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Prayer & Life Workshops

Prayer and Life Workshops / Talleres de Oracion y Vida is a ministry that that focuses on the art of prayer. PLW/TOV provides education that helps to develop and strengthen the skills used in prayer. The central focus of each session of PLW/TOV is reading and meditating on the Word. In a workshop format emphasis is placed on entering into a personal relationship with the Lord through different praying methods; from the first steps of simple prayer to the heights of contemplation. Prayer and Life Workshops are offered twice a year. Each “semester” they meet for 15 sessions once a week for 2 hours.
Prayer and Life Workshops/Talleres de Oracion y Vida is open to all and is available in English and Spanish. They also offer workshops for children and youth and marriage courses in Spanish. There is no need for special training, just a willing mind and an open heart. PLW/TOV seeks to be more than just a class in formation, the desire is to help create disciples and friends of Jesus who are participating directly in the priestly, prophetic and regal mission of Jesus Christ. The Workshops are an instrument of revitalization for the local church. If you are seeking a way to deepen your prayer life, this is the ministry for you.



Nydia Gomez • (407) 876-0271 • nydiag2011@aol.com

Liliana Novak • (407) 721-7996 • liliananovak@hotmail.com