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Young Adult Ministry EVENTS

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Questions answered at 407.876.0057 or email GZambito@HolyFamilyOrlando.com


VERBO Join in the conversation as we explore the  Readings in the context of young adult life.  We gather in Meeting Room 3 on Sundays after the 6pm Mass until 8:30pm. 

Worship Wednesday: Come join us at 6:45am Mass on Wednesdays! We’ll sit over on the right side near the choir. “When we go to Mass, we don’t just get to anticipate heaven, we get to share in it!” -Jerry Windley-Daoust

CONNECT Thursday: 7-8:30pm, in the Upper Room, 2nd floor of the Parish Life Center. WATCH for UPDATES!

F.I.A.T. Families in Action Together:  This first Friday family ministry will next meet  on September 8 in Upper Room A. Watch for more details, check the bulletin or contact Justin at reyeshj17@gmail.com with questions.