Updated July 18, 2008

Lay persons serving as Liturgical Ministers at a Liturgical Celebration should be dressed in a manner representative of the cultural norms of our society for attendance at a Celebration.  In our society, a suitable test for determining whether you are properly dressed for a Liturgical Celebration is to ask yourself whether you are dressed properly for a daytime Wedding.  Specific guidelines are provided below which represent the spirit of such a dress code:


Acceptable: A coat, tie, and dress slacks are preferred. Alternately, a dress shirt with a collar, a tie, dress slacks, and a sweater are permissible. Ushers are urged to wear either a suit or the Holy Family green jackets available in the altar-server room.

Unacceptable: No jeans; shirts without a collar, including T shirts and sweatshirts; shorts, jogging, golf or tennis outfits; sports jackets with loud patterns; shirts worn outside the slacks; tennis shoes or flip-flop shoes.


Acceptable: A dress, or a blouse and skirt worn below the knee is preferred. Alternately, pants suits are acceptable as long as they are tailored, are not tight fitting and are accompanied with a jacket or sweater. Shoes with covered toes are preferred. Ushers are urged to wear either their own jackets or the Holy Family green jackets available in the altar-server room.

Unacceptable: No jeans, tight fitting pants, tights, or shorts; jogging, tennis, or golf outfits; no sweatshirts; tennis shoes or flip-flops.  Avoid tight fitting or low cut outfits (front and back), and sleeveless outfits unless covered with a sweater.  No bare midriffs.


In order to assure that improper attention is not drawn to the Minister, please be sure that heavy cologne or perfume is avoided, and that jewelry or other accompaniment does not distract from the basic function of the MHC.

Holy Family Catholic Community