Adhering to the teaching of the Holy Scriptures, to the apostolic traditions, and to the consensus . . . of the Fathers,” we profess that “the sacraments of the new law were . . . all instituted by Jesus Christ our Lord.” Jesus’ words and actions during his hidden life and public ministry were already salvific, for they anticipated the power of his Paschal mystery. They announced and prepared what he was going to give the Church when all was accomplished. The mysteries of Christ’s life are the foundations of what he would henceforth dispense in the sacraments, through the ministers of his Church, for “what was visible in our Savior has passed over into his mysteries.” Sacraments are “powers that comes forth” from the Body of Christ, which is ever-living and life-giving. They are actions of the Holy Spirit at work in his Body, the Church. They are “the masterworks of God” in the new and everlasting covenant.

CCC, #1114-1116

The Sacraments – Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance, Marriage (Matrimony), Anointing of the Sick and Holy Orders – continue Jesus’ salvation that he won through his Paschal Mystery.

In order to believe that mystery, we have to learn it and welcome it into our hearts. Holy Family’s Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) helps children and adults study about the mysteries of the Trinity, the saints and church fathers. PREP offers instruction in the Sacraments to enter you more deeply into the Body of Christ. For more information on PREP, click here.

Where do you go for this instruction?

To discover how you can prepare infants for Baptism, click here. If your child is 7 years old or older, the child will journey to baptism through the catechumenate. For these children, and for adults seeking baptism through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults process, click here.

In the Diocese of Orlando, First Communion (Eucharist) preparation is a two-year process for children. The process typically starts in First Grade, with the student receiving First Reconciliation and First Communion in Second Grade.

  • If the child is enrolled in Holy Family Catholic School, they will receive preparation through the school.
  • If the child is not attending HFCS, they will receive preparation through the PREP program.
  • If the child is no longer in First Grade and hasn’t begun the process, start ASAP. It will still be a two-year process, but the child will attend PREP with his or her grade-level class.
  • All HFCS and PREP students will also need to attend workshops and other meetings to complete the preparation.
  • Dates and other information for First Communion TBA. (Please note, all scheduled events listed are subject to change based on the current restrictions imposed by Diocesan, health and government authorities.)

For (First) Reconciliation / Confession information, click here. Dates and other information for First Reconciliation is TBA.

For Confirmation information and preparation, click here.

For Marriage preparation, click here

For information about Anointing of the Sick, click here. If you or a loved one are sick and homebound and wish to receive Holy Communion, click here.

For information about the sacrament of Holy Orders, click here.

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