Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) assist the Ordinary (ordained) Ministers in administering the Body and Blood of Christ with our fellow worshipers in the Parish. Extraordinary Ministers can also serve as Ministers to the Sick and Homebound (EMHC to the Sick and Homebound).

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembly at all Masses in the parish. They are mandated and approved by the Bishop of Orlando to assist with the needs of the parish surrounding the celebration of the Mass and the distribution of Holy Communion.

This is a year-round ministry and a wonderful way to serve God and your Holy Family family. There is always a need. If, after prayer and reflection, you feel called to bring the Body and Blood of Christ to your sisters and brothers, we invite you to apply for this ministry. After all, as Christians we are all “Christ Bearers.”

Qualifications to Serve

Those wishing to serve as Eucharistic Ministers must be fully initiated Roman Catholics (i.e.: have received the Sacrament of Confirmation), be of age 16 or older, and have a willingness to be of service to the Parish family. If married, their marriage must be recognized by the Church.

Approval by the Pastor is the first step in the process. When you complete your application (see form link below), you will be asked to provide some background information about yourself and an explanation of why you feel called to serve in this ministry. This information will be given to the Pastor for approval.

When approved, you then need to attend both local and diocesan training.  Diocesan Training is a one-day workshop, given by the Diocesan Office of Liturgy, and is required before a mandate to serve in this ministry is issued. Diocesan training is hosted by local parishes and is often held at Holy Family. The training usually takes place on a Saturday morning and is approximately 3 hours long. The Parish training is usually held in conjunction with the Diocesan training sessions at Holy Family. You may attend Diocesan training at another parish, but you must make special arrangements for your local training at Holy Family if you do so. Local training at Holy Family includes a detailed written description of our procedure for distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and instruction on when to come in, where to go first, how to sign up for a position, where the positions are, when and how to approach the altar, where to stand on the altar, how to distribute Communion,  what to do if there is a problem, and what to do after you are finished.  There is also a dress code.

EMHCs and EMHCs to the Sick and Homebound are required to take the Diocese’s online Safe Environment testing, available on the Diocesan website, and complete a testing and Diocese’s Fingerprinting procedure with accompanying FBI background check.

Upon successful completion of all requirements, EMHC receive a 5-year Mandate from the Bishop. Mandates may be renewed by attending a Renewal session at Holy Family. Mandates from other Dioceses are not valid and are not accepted in the Orlando Diocese.

The Parish schedules Eucharistic Ministers for both daily and Weekend Masses in six-week increments using a special software program called Ministry Scheduler Pro.  After you receive your mandate, you will be given a user name and password to access this program.  


Eddiel Rivera at 407-876-2211 or erivera@holyfamilyorlando.org

EMHC-EMHC to the Sick Application

Prospective EMHCs

FULL DIOCESAN EMHC TRAINING SCHEDULE (email Deacon Larry with the desired date at least two weeks in advance)

EMHC-EMHC to the Sick Application

Current Ministers

Ministry Scheduler site (requires a username, password; used to set and retrieve schedules for Masses, request substitutes)

Holy Family EMHC procedures

Holy Family Dress Code for Liturgical Ministries

Holy Family Catholic Community