The Church constantly seeks the noble assistance of the arts and admits the artistic expressions of all peoples and regions. In fact, just as she is intent on preserving the works of art and the artistic treasures handed down from past centuries and, in so far as necessary, on adapting them to new needs, so also she strives to promote new works of art that are in harmony with the character of each successive age. On account of this, in appointing artists and choosing works of art to be admitted into a church, what should be looked for is that true excellence in art which nourishes faith and devotion and accords authentically with both the meaning and the purpose for which it is intended.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal, #289

How does a church set the tone for the liturgical seasons? How does it fit the life of the parish? Members of the Liturgical Environment & Preparation team help set this tone.

Members of this important ministry help set out the altar cloths, banners, flowers and other items that help the church remind its parishioners of the time of the church year. Sacristans assist them as well as parish staff.

A heart for service, a mindfulness of the liturgy and an eye for design are desired for those in this ministry.


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