Sacristans assist the priests and other ministers in the immediate preparation for Mass. They also assist in special liturgies (funerals, prayer services, etc.) This preparation includes setting out vestments for the presiding priest, preparation of the bread and wine to be consecrated during Mass, and setting out the proper books and vessels. During Mass, they fill in wherever needed (Reader, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, etc.).

After Mass, the sacristan returns all sacred vessels and articles to their proper places.

This ministry is a very special and important part of the Liturgy. Those called to this ministry must be able to spend about 45 minutes to an hour before Mass and spend some time after Mass in this service.

Sacristans must also qualify for Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and Reader and be trained in sacristan duties at funerals.

If you feel called to this ministry, please apply below.


Dcn. Spencer Silvers – email Dcn. Spencer

Sacristan Application

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