For more than 20 years, Holy Family’s Helping Hands ministry has partnered with the Coalition for the Homeless, providing hot meals each third Sunday of the month to Central Florida’s homeless women, children, and families.

The ministry offers three serving opportunities:

  • Baking– we invite our members and their student to bake a dessert at home to bring to the Coalition or to drop off to us.  We give service hours to students who make desserts and individually wrap them.
  • Cooking at the Shelter located at 18 North Terry Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801, from 3:00-5:00 p.m. on our designated Sunday. We are required to serve from the food pyramid:  A protein, carbohydrate/bread, fruit, vegetables and milk. And we do serve dessert.
  • Serving the meal at the Shelter from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on our designated Sunday.

This is a great opportunity for families and friends to serve together. Space is limited due to kitchen size, so please respond to emails. Also, this is a great opportunity to earn service hours for your sacraments or school.


Every month on the Third Sunday. We send reminder emails. 

Coalition for the Homeless is located at 18 North Terry Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801 (407.426.1250,


Tim and Ginna Foster   321.663.4321 or email Tim and Ginna

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