The Holy Spirit Prayer Group conducts a “Charismatic Prayer Meeting” every week to give Christians the opportunity to give praise, thanks, honor, and love to Jesus. It is a communal opportunity to praise God as the Holy Spirit directs. The meeting has two purposes; to praise, worship and honor God and to build up the Body of Christ as brothers and sisters.

In light of the current COVID pandemic we are meeting virtually on Zoom during the same hours indicated below.

The Holy Spirit Prayer Group meets on Monday evenings at 7:00 in Room 1 or Room 7 (behind the stage in the Parish Life Center). Check the Jumbotron at the Welcome Desk for the exact location that week. If you work late and cannot get there at 7:00, come when you are able. The meeting lasts until 9:00.

The Holy Spirit Prayer Group welcomes all ages and requires no training. If you have a musical talent, play an instrument or sing, we’d love to have you join us. Come as you are, but do not expect to leave without a touch from the Holy Spirit!


Vince Maldonado at 407-592-9091 or Email Vince.

Holy Family Catholic Community