Holy Family supports prayerful discernment for those seeking to become a member of the clergy (Deacon or Priest) other religious vocation. We encourage individuals and families to pray for their own or a loved one’s discernment and for those called to vocations in general.

If you or someone you know is interested in vocational exploration or Holy Orders, please talk with one of our priests, who will then direct the individual to the Diocese of Orlando’s Director of Formation in the office of vocations at the Chancery. And please see the USCCB’s section on Vocations for further information.

Contact for Vocations for Priest & Religious: Fr. Martin Nguyen hfoffice@holyfamilyorlando.org – 407-876-2211

Contact for Vocations for Deacons: Dcn. Rick Chabot 407-876-2211


To aid in more intentional prayers, Holy Family offers the loan of a special Vocations Chalice that helps direct and focus a prayerful attitude for a period of time. For more information about borrowing the Vocations Chalice, please contact Holy Family’s Administrative Office.

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