The Mass is vital to the Catholic faith, because it carries so much meaning. It is our highest prayer. It brings all of us together in communion. We receive Jesus in both Word and Sacrament. It’s where we unite with all Catholics worldwide in worshipping Jesus. We receive nourishment from Jesus, then we are sent to spread the Gospel to the world around us. That’s why we are called to gather in Mass each week and on Holy Days of Obligation.

A lot went into building the current structure of the Mass, and a lot goes into the day-to-day celebration of the Mass. This page will share not only the history and structure of the Mass, but also what goes into the Mass at Holy Family.

Haven’t been to Mass in a while?

Haven’t been to Mass in a while and wondering where to start? Start by getting to know Jesus again through prayer. It doesn’t matter how long its been since you have been to Mass. You are always invited to encounter Jesus in the Mass. For more information on prayer and worship, please visit

Photographic Guidelines & A/V Support

For more information about photography in Church during liturgical celebrations and other occasions, click here.

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