It is everyone’s responsibility to safeguard those around us.

Bishop Noonan, August 2018

Holy Family follows the Diocese of Orlando’s strict guidelines and compliance standards for a Safe Environment. Since 1997, the Diocese has required all staff and volunteers who serve children and vulnerable persons to complete mandatory Safe Environment Training and submit to a fingerprinting background screening. The background screening is good for FIVE YEARS. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a diocesan employee and/or volunteer! Please note the Safe Environment Certification process consists of two steps, both of which must be completed.

Click here for a PDF of the complete instructions.

Once you have completed the certification process and have set up your fingerprinting appointment, please send Julie Kreinheder an email at to let her know that it is in the works and she will watch for the results.

If you have any difficulty in the registration process, please contact the parish office at 407-876-2211 or by email.

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