Dcn. Larry Brockman: Deacon

Deacon Larry Brockman was born in Baltimore, MD and is the older of two boys. Larry attended Maryvale Catholic grammar school in Baltimore and then Notre Dame high school for a few years before moving to LaJolla, CA where he completed high school. From there he went to UCLA for a BS, MS and PhD in electrical engineering.   Larry’s Mom was a cradle Catholic and the family attended Mass together regularly.

In 1990 his Dad became a convert.

Larry’s calling to the diaconate was a slow process. He was a lector while in CA and took over scheduling Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) at Holy Family since 1984. He took small steps and then Fr. John O’Holohan, S.J. once said he should consider the diaconate and so he did. Deacon Larry said his wife was most influential in his successful completion of the training with her encouragement and her attending the training with him. This led to his ordination at St. James Cathedral on June 11, 2005 with Bishop Thomas Wenski.

Deacon Larry’s favorite activities are preaching, baptisms and volunteering at Health Central Hospital. He has pursued a clinical pastoral education offered by Orlando Regional Medical Center. He is still scheduling lectors and EMHC. Deacon Larry has been active at Westminster Towers Health Center visiting patients, Respect Life and the Liturgical Committee. He said he would recommend the diaconate to a young man as long as they have encouragement from their families.

Larry feels there will be a renewal of men in the seminary and in diaconate and mentioned how as far back as in Biblical times it was determined by the economy of the times, good times led to fewer vocations and bad times led to more vocations. His favorite Bible verse, 1 Corinthians 13-14, the patient and kind verse chosen for many weddings.

Deacon Larry is thankful to Deacon Jack Martin who mentored him during his diaconate training and the early years of his diaconate. He is thankful that Holy Family has seven deacons offering the opportunity to minister to many parishioners.

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