Dcn. Robert Pleus: Deacon

Deacon Bob Pleus was born in Orlando, FL. Deacon Bob attended St. James School in Orlando and then the last two years of high school were at St. Thomas Military Academy in St. Paul, MN. This led him to Notre Dame in South Bend, IN where he graduated with a Political Science degree, returned to Florida to attend the University of Florida Law School. Bob practiced law in Central Florida for thirty- five years. During those years he was a diocesan attorney for four separate bishops in the Diocese of Orlando.

Deacon Bob’s parents were practicing Catholics and as a family, they regularly prayed together and attended Mass at St. James Cathedral. At the suggestion of a friend, John DeVito, in Washington, DC Bob started considering the diaconate.

Attending Loyola University’s LYMEX program as the major part of his formation he received his MA in Pastoral Ministries. Deacon Bob was ordained as a Deacon at St. James Cathedral on June 4, 2000, by Bishop Norbert Dorsey. Prior to receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders at St. James Cathedral he had received the Sacrament of Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and Holy Matrimony all at the cathedral.

Bob said he would recommend the diaconate to a young man if he listens to the Holy Spirit; and if he has a wife and family, considers their needs.   Deacon Bob said this country is short on priests and we need to pray for more priests. He did consider becoming a priest while at Notre Dame.

Deacon Bob’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 and he is in awe of the love of God, that Jesus would die for his (and our) salvation. While serving here at Holy Family he presides at baptisms, funerals, and gives homilies. He feels blessed to have the support of Fr. Ennis as his spiritual director as well as Deacon Jack Martin who helped during the early years of his formation. Deacon Bob said he would do it all over again as it leads to a happy life based on service to the parish and the diaconate gives him that opportunity.

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