Soles 4 Kids Shoe Drive

SVdP Holy Family will be holding its annual Soles 4 Kids shoe drive beginning Saturday, July 24, through  Tuesday, August 31. This effort will benefit preschool and kindergarten children from lower income families here in Orange County. For more information including drop off times and locations or how to make a donation, visit

Genesis Bible Study

Join Deacon Larry Brockman on Thursday Evenings at 7 PM from the comfort of your own home for study of the Book of Genesis. Without Genesis, the rest of the Bible is incomprehensible. Unveiling no less than the creation of the world and everything in it, including human life, as well as the birth of sin and the promise of a Savior, Genesis is packed with fascinating images and layered theological insights that require careful study.

In this powerful 28-session study from Catholic Scripture Study International, author Steve Ray, augmented by selfstudy videos by Fr. Kauth, you will uncover what you need to know about this crucial first book of the Bible .

Deacon Larry will break the study into three groups of nine or Ten consecutive sessions with breaks in between.

The first session is from May 6th through July 1 .

Each session will be conducted using Zoom. Participants will need a study guide (approximately $45 and available from Deacon Larry) and will be given information on how to stream the study videos without extra charge.

Contact Deacon Larry for answers to questions:

Holy Family Catholic Community