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The Diocese of Orlando’s policy requires all children to be supervised by an adult at all times, for their safety and security.

All parishioners are welcome to return to the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel for private prayer.

For over 25 years, Holy Family had been very blessed to have Perpetual Eucharistic Exposition in the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel (the small building in the main parking lot next to the main church) 362 days of the year (not during the celebration of the sacred Triduum – Holy Thursday until after the final Easter Sunday Mass). We are delighted to announce that the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel is open once again for Perpetual Adoration.

All parishioners are welcome to the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel for private prayer. Currently there are only Eight chairs with kneelers. PLEASE be considerate of adorers that have signed-up or are elderly that may need seating. You may make reservations on WeAdoreHim. To make reservations, click here.

Once your reservation is made, the code to enter the chapel will be sent to you.

If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Noel Oteyza at or 407.314.5175.

Eucharistic Exposition vs Adoration

It is important to understand the difference between Eucharistic Exposition and Eucharistic Adoration. Eucharistic Adoration refers to our prayer before the host not exposed, as in the tabernacle. This may take place in our church at any time the church is open. Eucharistic Exposition refers to prayer before the host exposed in a monstrance.

During Eucharistic Exposition the church encourages us to do readings from Scripture; and pray parts of the liturgy of the hours. The church also encourages us to remember the celebration of the Mass and pray with the Eucharistic prayers from Mass. It is also appropriate to remember those who are receiving viaticum [communion for the dying]. Since Eucharistic Exposition is part of the church’s official liturgy, devotions should not be prayed during exposition.

The Church reminds us that adoration of Christ present in the sacrament, derives from the sacrifice of the Mass. The Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass is the source and culmination of the whole Christian life. Therefore devotion towards the Eucharist should always lead to a more full participation in the celebration of the Mass.

There is no training needed to be with Jesus. You are welcome any time, day or night. And you may volunteer for an hour a week, an hour a month, or be part of the substitute list (overnight hours have a special need for scheduled adorers and substitutes). Be a part of something that will transform your life and the life of your Parish. Jesus is waiting for you!


Noel & Karyl Oteyza 407-532-3336 or email Noel

More Information About Perpetual Adoration

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Eucharistic Adoration in the 21st Century

25 years at Holy Family

May 21, 2019 was the 25th anniversary since the start of Perpetual Eucharistic Exposition. One reason is that people are willing to adore the Lord at all hours of the day. See the article links below to read more about its history at Holy Family and the celebration of our 25th anniversary.

Perpetual Adoration History at Holy Family (released 2009 for 15th anniversary)

(UPDATED 5/21/19) – History of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration at Holy Family

Holy Family’s Catholic Youth Ministry seeks faith-filled, committed, energetic adults to help build the young church. The ideal candidate is an active Catholic, has a servant heart and a love for young people. Adults that volunteer in youth ministry are invited to fill a variety of roles. Roles include, but are not limited to, the folowing:

  • planning and facilitating of gathered sessions
  • faith formation catechist
  • small group leader
  • technology, social media
  • cooking/serving dinners
  • chaperoning events on and off campus

Core Team members must fulfill diocesan requirements to serve youth.

If you’re interested, contact Ellona Delac at

Holy Family Catholic Community